Ride With Us

Currently, we have suspended our Sunday Ride due to the COVID-19 Pandemic…please check back soon.

Come join us every Sunday for a spirited ROAD bike ride through Rock Creek, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Potomac, Kensington and back to the Shop!

If you want to experience a true group ROAD ride, our ride will not disappoint!

This ride is for advanced riders who understand group riding and the rules of the road. There is no cue sheet. No team tactics.

The Bicycle Place Club meets 8:00 am at the Store; wheels are rolling by 8:30ish. The group consists of about 15-50+ riders.

We’ll wait at few points along the route to regroup. We expect riders to have some skill in pacelines.

Please make sure you and your road bike are in good working order before the ride.

No Repairs or Servicing on the morning of the ride.

We’ll try to maintain a paceline when possible. Paceline speed is about 20-24 mph. Overall average speed is 18-20 mph for the entire ride.

The ride will meander through the residential sections of Chevy Chase and Bethesda with the least amount of impact on local traffic. Eventually, we’ll be on Macarthur Blvd.  Climb up to Falls Rd.; travel out towards the residential sections of Potomac, back onto Democracy Blvd.; through Wildwood, to Beach Dr. and back to the shop.
It’s about 40 miles. or 50 if you decide to do the Rock Creek extension.

We’ll always say-” Protect your front wheel” and “If you don’t know the way, don’t lead!”

Afterwards, we’ll get back to the shop & have a free coffee or two while sharing some stories from the ride!

This ride continues year-round, so stock up now on seasonal clothing!

No rides in sleet, or snow. 27deg or below,

It’s a true group road ride! Please abide by the proper etiquette rules of group riding. No attacking the group. Be observant and mindful of others.